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We have updated our Privacy Policy regarding what data are collected through the use of our Service. If you have any questions regarding this update, please contact us by following the process described on our support page located at support@icvr.io.

By agreeing to ICVR’s Terms of Service, into which this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) is incorporated, you consent to the collection, storage, use, management and disclosure of information collected or received by ICVR through your use of the Service as described in this Policy.

Purpose and Scope

This Policy describes how ICVR Games Inc. (“ICVR” “us,” or “we”) collects, uses, stores, manages and discloses information, including personal information, that our users (“you” or “users”) provide or we collect in connection with our websites at
https://d4x0lbd33t0a1.cloudfront.net/ (the “Site”) or any ICVR game or other application or services available on other websites or other third party sources (collectively, the “Service”). Personal information may include, for example, your name, email address or credit card number.

This Policy applies only to information collected or received by ICVR through your use of the Service. Any link to the sites or any third party does not imply that ICVR is affiliated with or sponsors that third party. ICVR is not responsible for the actions, products or services of any third party, the content of any third party site, or the use or disclosure of any information you provide to any third party.

Information Collected and How it is Used

The main purposes for which ICVR collects your information are:

  • To provide and enhance ICVR’s games and the Service
  • To enable you to navigate and enjoy the games and the Service
  • To connect you with other users

Some examples of how we may use your information are: to register your account, to collect payments, to inform you of updates to games you’re playing or to other games, to notify you of special promotions and to provide customer support.

iOS or Android Platforms

ICVR automatically collects and records certain information when you access or use a ICVR game. This information includes your unique device ID (“IDFA” (iOS) and/or “Advertiser ID” (Android)), your geographic location (based on your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address), the version of your operating system (“OS”), your game platform ID (“GPF ID”), (which is an ID assigned to you that will be used to help associate your identity across multiple platforms) and your in-game activity. We may associate an IDFA (iOS) or Advertiser ID (Android) with personal information or with other persistent device identifiers (for example, IDFA, Advertiser ID, SSAID, MAC address, or IMEI) at any time.

We use this information to assist with understanding trends in usage and for help with tracking and correcting errors. We also use (and may provide to third party analytics providers as described below) country-level geographic location information to enforce our Terms of Service, customize the user experience and make recommendations to you.

We may also give you the opportunity to opt-in to location-based services, which utilize a device’s GPS coordinates. You may opt-out of these location services via the settings on your device.

Third-Party Marketplaces

ICVR provides games and the Service via third party marketplaces, such as Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market. These marketplaces may collect information about you or receive information from us in the course of providing or analyzing their services. ICVR is not responsible for these marketplaces, and is not affiliated with or responsible for the actions of these third parties. You should review these third parties’ terms of service and privacy policies, which are separate from ICVR’s.

In-Game Dialog Boxes

When you register to play ICVR games through the Service, we may ask whether you’d like to provide us with certain information via in-game dialog boxes. This information may include: your email, user name, gender, date of birth and address book. You may choose to skip these dialog boxes, however, if you do choose to provide certain information, ICVR may use it as follows:

Email address
ICVR may retain and use your email address to contact you about your experience and notify you about ICVR news and promotions.

User name
ICVR may use your user name for social features of the game and the Service, such as to connect you to other users, to invite friends and to post your achievements on other individuals’ walls.

Address book
ICVR may use your address book to connect you to other users, to invite friends and to post your achievements on other individuals’ walls.

Push Notifications & Local Notifications

ICVR may, with your consent, send push notifications to your mobile device to provide game updates and other relevant messages. You can manage push notifications from the “options” or “settings” page within the relevant game. You may also be able to manage them from your device’s settings page for the relevant game.

ICVR may also send local notifications to your mobile device to provide game updates and other relevant information. You can manage local notifications from the “options” or “settings” page within the relevant game.

Facebook Connect and Twitter

You may be able to use Facebook Connect or Twitter to sign into the Service and authenticate against Facebook or Twitter, allowing you to be recognized “in-app” based on your Facebook or Twitter account. If you do so, ICVR will collect information that is visible via your Facebook or Twitter account. That information may include: your name, your gender, your date of birth, your Facebook or Twitter ID, your URL, and a list of your Facebook friends. This information will be used mainly for user registration and in social features, which may include friend-to-friend interaction, chat or messaging functionality, public leaderboards, head-to-head competition and other similar features.

Our Site

Your OS, IP address, access times, browser type and language and referring Web site addresses may be logged automatically when you visit the Site. We may also collect information about your usage and activity, such as number of clicks, pages viewed and the order of those pages, the amount of time spent on particular pages, and the date and time of this activity. We may use this information to monitor and analyze use of the Service.

Ad Networks

ICVR may install certain software development kits (“SDKs”) in the Service. These SDKs may collect your IDFA (iOS) and/or Advertiser ID (Android) and certain other data, including but not limited to IP address, geo-location and OS information. This information may be used to calculate conversion rates and other elements of advertising performance.

Other Methods of Collection

ICVR may also acquire information from you through other activities you may participate in, which may include

  • Your access and participation in message boards/forums
  • Your emails to customer support
  • Your purchase of any virtual goods or virtual currencies
  • Your participation in surveys
  • Your participation in contests or sweepstakes

Disclosure of Your Personal Information

Your personal information will not be disclosed outside of ICVR and its affiliates other than as approved by you or as follows:

With your consent
This may occur, for example, when you agree (such as in this Policy) to allow ICVR to sharing your information with third parties for their marketing purposes and subject to their privacy policies.

As permitted by or to comply with law or to protect rights
ICVR may release your personal information as permitted by law or if ICVR believes that doing so is appropriate to comply with the law, to enforce or exercise ICVR’s rights or to protect ICVR, ICVR’s users’ or other third parties’ property, rights or safety.

In aggregate and anonymous form
ICVR may sharing aggregate and anonymous information about you with advertisers, publishers and other third parties.

In connection with a corporate transaction
ICVR may share your personal information in connection with any merger, acquisition, sale of assets, or other corporate combination or financing.

Analytics/Other Tools

ICVR may include in the Service tools, which may include tools from third party service providers, that may enable ICVR and these third parties to analyze your and other users’ information. This information may include your IDFA (iOS) and/or Advertiser ID (Android), Media Access Control (“MAC”) address, International Mobile Equipment Identity (“IMEI”) number, version of iOS or Android, specific type of device, mobile carrier, IP address and session start and end times. ICVR and such third parties may use that information to detect the country of the user and to otherwise analyze user engagement.

User engagement analysis may include, but is not limited to, tracking a user’s level and game progressions such as in-game currency (“soft currency”) purchases and spending and premium in-game currency (“hard currency”) purchases and spending.

Third parties may also have access to your personal information in connection with the performance of their services, but they will not be permitted to use such information, other than in anonymized, aggregated form, for any purpose other than providing their services.

Cookies, Web Beacons and Third Party Advertisements

A “cookie” is a data file that is transferred to a user’s computer and is intended to identify that computer. Cookies also are used to maintain information about a user’s visit to a site or game, such as user names, passwords and individual preferences. The Service sends cookies to your computer when you access an ICVR game or view content of a game. Information contained in a cookie may be linked to your personal information. That information may be used for a variety of purposes including improving the quality and ease of use of the Service and making recommendations more specific to you.

ICVR may also collect information using “Web beacons” or “gifs.” These are electronic images that may be used on the Site or in email to deliver cookies, count visits and to tell if an email has been opened and actioned.

The Service may include third party advertisements. These ads may be served by third party advertising companies that deliver cookies to your computer, allowing these companies to track the ads. As a result, these companies will be able to recognize your computer when they send you an advertisement. These advertisers may use information about your visits to our Service in order to provide advertisements about goods and services that may be of interest to you.

Information for Opting-Out of Cookies and Web Beacons

You may click on the following link: http://www.networkadvertising.org (or such other URL as may be specified from time to time) to learn more about behavioral advertising and for information on how to opt-out of the use of cookies or Web beacons. Please note that opting out of cookies or Web beacons may prevent you from being able to access or use certain features of the Service.


ICVR games may be advertised in other applications. After clicking on one of these advertisements and installing our game, you will become a user of the Service. In order to prevent fraud and verify the installs, your IDFA (iOS) and/or Advertiser ID (Android)) may be shared with the advertiser.

Changing or Deleting Your Information

You may change or delete information by following the process provided in the ICVR game, unless we have to keep the information for legitimate business or legal reasons. If you delete certain of your information, your account may become deactivated. You may opt-out of receiving promotional emails from us by following the instructions in those emails. If you opt-out, we may still send you non-promotional emails, such as emails about your accounts or our ongoing business relations.

Under California law, California residents who have an established business relationship with us may choose to opt out of the disclosure of personal information about them to third parties for such third parties’ direct marketing purposes. As described above, our policy is not to disclose your personal information to a third party for direct marketing purposes without your approval. You may also choose to opt-out after granting approval. If you choose to opt-out at any time after granting approval, please inform us by email support@icvr.io

International Transfer of Information

ICVR may transfer information (including personal information) that we collect about you to our affiliates or to other third parties that may be outside of your country. If you are located in the European Union or in another country or jurisdiction, such locations may have laws governing data collection and use that differ from U.S. law. Please note that you are transferring information and allowing ICVR or others to transfer information, including personal information, to a country and jurisdiction that does not have the same data protection laws as your jurisdiction, and you consent to the transfer of information to the U.S. and Japan and the use and disclosure of information about you, including personal information, as described in this Policy.


ICVR implements reasonable security measures to protect the security of your information and is committed to protect customer information.

It is important that you protect and maintain the security of your account and that you immediately notify us of any unauthorized use of your account. If you forget the password to your account, the Site allows you to ask for instructions on how to reset your password. When you sign into your account or enter payment information (such as a credit card number when purchasing virtual currency), the transmission of that information is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (“SSL”).

Although ICVR takes reasonable precautions against possible security breaches of our websites and records, no Internet transmission is completely secure. Accordingly, ICVR cannot guarantee that unauthorized access, hacking, data loss, or other breaches will never occur. We strongly recommend that you take steps to keep your personal information secure (including your account password), and to log out of your account after use. If you have questions about security, please contact us support@icvr.io

Modifications to this Policy

ICVR may modify this Policy from time to time. We will post all changes to this Policy on this page or another location on the Site and the modified policy will specify its effective date. You are obligated to check the Site to confirm whether the Policy has been modified.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us support@icvr.io
Effective Date: May 1, 2021

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